The August 2014 bank statement for Martha Company and the August 2014 ledger accounts for cash follow:
Outstanding cheques at the end of July were for $ 250, $ 400, and $ 300. No deposits were in transit at the end of July.
1. Compute the amount of deposits in transit at August 31, 2014.
2. Compute the amount of outstanding cheques at August 31, 2014.
3. Prepare a bank reconciliation at August 31, 2014.
4. Prepare any journal entries that the company should make as a result of the bank reconciliation. Why are they necessary?
5. After the reconciliation journal entries are posted, what balances would be reflected in the cash accounts in the ledger?
6. What total amount of cash should be reported on the August 31, 2014, statement of financial position?

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