The average mean paid by the Bureau of Indian Affairs
The average (mean) paid by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) for a 5-day training workshop contracted with the private sector is $ 1,500 (standard deviation = $ 280; normal distribution). Perk Morgan, a BIA employee, would like to attend a sensitivity training workshop in Bermuda (he feels that he must go to an exotic location to get in touch with his true feelings); the government rate for the training workshop is $ 2,400. What percentage of 5-day training workshops funded by the BIA exceeds this amount? Perk has also inquired about a sensitivity training workshop to be held in Sausalito, California (less exotic location, but Perk will still be able to get in touch with feelings); the cost for this workshop is $ 2,100. What percentage of BIA-sponsored training workshops exceeds this cost? What would you advise Perk to do?
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