The balance sheet and income statement for Bertha s Bridal Boutique
The balance sheet and income statement for Bertha’s Bridal Boutique are presented along with some additional information about the accounts. You are to answer the questions that follow concerning cash flows for the period.

a. All accounts receivable and accounts payable are related to trade merchandise. Accounts payable are recorded net and always are paid to take all the discounts allowed. The allowance for doubtful accounts at the end of 2014 was the same as at the end of 2013; no receivables were charged against the allowance during 2014.
b. The proceeds from the note payable were used to finance a new warehouse. Capital stock was sold to provide additional working capital.

1. Calculate the cash collected during 2014 from accounts receivable.
2. Calculate the cash payments during 2014 on accounts payable to suppliers.
3. Calculate the cash provided from operations for2014.
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