The board of health of a particular state was called
The board of health of a particular state was called to investigate claims that raw pollutants were being released into the river flowing past a small residential community. By applying financial pressure, the state was able to get the violating company to make major concessions toward the installation of a new water purification system. In the interim, different production systems were to be initiated to help reduce the pollution level of water entering the stream. To monitor the effect of the interim system, a random sample of 50 water specimens was taken throughout the month at a location downstream from the plant. If y-bar = 5.0 and s = .70, use the sample data to determine whether the mean dissolved oxygen count of the water (in ppm) is less than 5.2, the average reading at this location over the past year.
a. List the five parts of the statistical test, using a = .05.
b. Conduct the statistical test and state your conclusion.
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