Question: The Bookbarn Inc is a retail seller of new books

The Bookbarn Inc. is a retail seller of new books in a moderate-sized city. Although initially very successful, The Bookbarn’s sales volume has declined since the opening of two competing bookstores two years ago. The accountant for The Bookbarn prepared the following statement of cash flows at the end of the current year:
Your analysis suggests that The Bookbarn’s net income will continue to decline by $8,000 per year to $18,500 as sales continue to fall. Thereafter, you expect sales to stabilize.
1. What will happen to the amount of cash provided by operations as net income decreases?
2. Assume that equipment is nearly fully depreciated but that it will be fully serviceable for several years. What will happen to cash flows from operations as depreciation declines?
3. Do the operations of businesses experiencing declining sales volumes always consume cash? Explain your answer.
4. Can current assets and current liabilities buffer operating cash flows against the impact of declines in sales volume in the short run? In the long run? Explain your answer.

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