Question: The bookkeeper for Interior Advances Ltd IAL is uncertain which

The bookkeeper for Interior Advances Ltd. (IAL) is uncertain which of the following items he should include when he calculates the inventory balance for the year- end financial statements:
a. Goods counted in the physical inventory, including $ 4,100 in HST and $ 1,500 in import brokerage fees $ 36,000
b. Gross invoice cost of goods received and included in inventory count but not yet paid for; IAL can deduct a 2% discount if the invoice is paid within 30 days of year- end 6,000 c. Warehousing cost for inventory 2,000
d. Goods shipped to a wholesale distributor; the distributor has the right to return up to 33% of the goods if they are not sold within three months; not included in inventory count 9,000
e. Items included in inventory count that have been returned by customers for repair (counted at original sales price, which was 50% above cost) 3,000
f. Cost of goods on consignment to Big Box Inc. ( including 20% commission that will be due to IAL if and when it sells the goods) 10,000
g. Total expected cost of goods in inventory that are being modified by the company for private- branding for Canada Designs Limited; 40% of the cost has been incurred by year- end 14,000

Determine the amount of ending inventory that should be reported on Interior Advances’ SFP.

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