The BPL Corporation is considering selling investment land to Kaier Partnership for the land’s independently appraised FMV of $1.2 million. BPL purchased the land 20 years ago for $1.32 million cash. Mr. Larry Bass is the largest shareholder in BPL; he owns 892 of 2,000 BPL shares outstanding. Larry’s sister, Mrs. Ann Olsen, owns 165 BPL shares, and various investors who are unrelated to Larry and Ann own the remaining shares outstanding. Ann is a limited partner in Kaier Partnership; she owns a 35 percent interest in Kaier’s profits and capital. Ann’s daughter, Suzanne Olsen, owns a 22 percent limited interest in Kaier’s profits and capital. Ann and Suzanne are unrelated to any other Kaier partner and are not involved in any aspect of the manage-ment of the partnership. If BPL sells its land to Kaier Partnership, can it recognize the $120,000 loss that it will realize on the sale?

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