The business problem facing a human resource manager is to assess the impact of factors on full time job growth. Specifically, the human resource manager is interested in the impact of total worldwide revenues and full time voluntary turnover on the number of full time jobs added in a year. Data were collected from a sample of 96 “best companies to work for.” The total number of full time jobs added in the past year, total worldwide revenue (in $ millions) and the full time voluntary turnover (%) are recorded and stored in BestCompanies . (Data extracted from Best Companies to Work For 2014, available at fortune. com/ best companies/ google 1/.)
a. State the multiple regression equation.
b. Interpret the meaning of the slopes, b1 and b2, in this problem.
c. Interpret the meaning of the regression coefficient, b0.
d. What conclusions can you reach concerning full time jobs added?

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