The Carmike 8 Cinema is a modern theatre located close to a college campus. The cashier, located in a box office at the entrance to the theatre, receives cash from customers and operates a machine that ejects serially numbered tickets for each film. Customers then enter the theatre lobby where they can purchase refreshments at the concession stand. To gain admission to the movie, a customer hands the ticket to a ticket taker stationed some 50 feet from the box office at the entrance to the theatre lobby. The ticket taker tears the ticket in half, returns the stub to the customer, and allows the customer to enter the theatre hallway through a turnstile, which has an automatic counter of people entering. The ticket taker drops the other half of the ticket stub into a locked box.

1. What internal controls are present in the handling of cash receipts?
2. What steps should the theatre manager take regularly to give maximum effectiveness to these controls?

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