Question: The cattle inhabiting the Biological Reserve of Do ana Spain live

The cattle inhabiting the Biological Reserve of Doñana (Spain), live under free-range conditions, with virtually no human interference. The cattle population is organized into four herds (LGN, MTZ, PLC, and QMD). The Journal of Zoology (July 1995) investigated the ranging behavior of the four herds across the four seasons. Thus, a 4 * 4 factorial experiment was employed, with Herd and Season rep resenting the two factors. Three animals from each herd during each season were sampled and the home range of each individual was measured (in square kilometers).
The data were subjected to an ANOVA, with the results shown in the following table.
a. Conduct the appropriate ANOVA F-tests and interpret the results.
b. The researcher conducting the experiment ranked the four herd means independently of season. Do you agree with this strategy? Explain.
c. Refer to part b The Bonferroni rankings of the four herd means (at α = .05) are shown in the next table.

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