The Center for Science in the Public Interest evaluated school cafeterias in 20 school districts across the United States. Each district was assigned a numerical score on the basis of rigor of food codes, frequency of food safety inspections, access to inspection information, and the results of cafeteria inspections. Based on the score assigned, each district was also assigned one of four grades. The scores and grades are summarized in the accompanying table, which appears in the report “
a. Two variables are summarized in the figure, grade and overall score. Is overall score a numerical or categorical variable? Is grade (indicated by the different colors in the figure) a numerical or categorical variable?
b. Explain how the figure is equivalent to a segmented bar graph of the grade data.
c. Construct a dotplot of the overall score data. Based on the dotplot, suggest an alternate assignment of grades (top of class, passing, etc.) to the 20 school districts. Explain the reasoning you used to make your assignment.

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