The CEO of a company that owns five resort hotels
The CEO of a company that owns five resort hotels wants to evaluate and compare satisfaction with the five hotels. The company’s research department randomly sampled 125 people who had stayed at any of the hotels during the past month and asked them to rate their expectations of the hotel before their stay and to rate the quality of the actual stay at the hotel. Both observations used a rating scale of 0–10, with 0 = very poor and 10 = excellent. The researchers compared the hotels on the gap between prior expectation and actual quality, using the difference score, y = performance gap = (prior expectation score – actual quality score).
a. Identify the response variable, the factor, and the categories that form the groups.
b. State the null and alternative hypotheses for conducting an ANOVA.
c. Explain why the df values for this ANOVA are df1 = 4 and df2 = 120.
d. How large an F test statistic is needed to get a P-value = 0.05 in this ANOVA?
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