The Chelsea location of Family Supermarket FS a chain of
The Chelsea location of Family Supermarket (FS), a chain of small neighbourhood grocery stores, is preparing its activity-based budget for January 2013. FS has three product categories: soft drinks, fresh produce, and packaged food. The following table shows the four activities that consume indirect resources at the Chelsea store, the cost drivers and their rates, and the cost driver amount budgeted to be consumed by each activity in January 2013.
1. What is the total budgeted indirect cost at the Chelsea store in January 2013? What is the total budgeted cost of each activity at the Chelsea store for January 2013? What is the budgeted indirect cost of each product category for January 2013?
2. Which product category has the largest fraction of total budgeted indirect costs?
3. Given your answer in requirement 2, what advantage does FS gain by using an activity-based approach to budgeting over, say, allocating indirect costs to products based on cost of goods sold?
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