The City Council of the City of Eastover adopted the following budget for its General Fund for 20X8. The budget was not revised during the fiscal year. The budgetary basis was modified accrual.
City of Eastover
General Fund
For Fiscal Year 20X8

The preclosing trial balances of the Revenues and Expenditures Subsidiary Ledgers at the end of fiscal year 20X8 are:
City of Eastover
generad Fund
Preclosing Trial Balances
Revenues and Expenditures Subsidiary Ledgers
September 30, 20X8

The only encumbrances outstanding at year end were for $75,000 of unperformed contracts for the Health and Sanitation function. The beginning total fund balance was $312,000.
a. Prepare closing entries for both the General Ledger accounts and the subsidiary ledgers of the City of Eastover General Fund. (Hint: You will have to derive the General Ledger balances of some accounts.)
b. Prepare the Statement of Revenues, Expenditures, and Changes in Fund Balance—Budget and Actual for the General Fund of the City of Eastover for fiscal year20X8.

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