Question: The city of Belgrade Serbia is contemplating building a second

The city of Belgrade, Serbia, is contemplating building a second airport to relieve congestion at the main airport and is considering two potential sites; X and Y. Hard Rock Hotels would like to purchase land to build a hotel at the new airport. The value of land has been rising in anticipation and is expected to skyrocket once the city decides between sites X and Y. Consequently, Hard Rock would like to purchase land now. Hard Rock will sell the land if the city chooses not to locate the airport nearby. Hard Rock has four choices: (1) buy land at X, (2) buy land at Y, (3) buy land at both X and Y, or (4) do nothing. Hard Rock has collected the following data (which are in millions of euros):

Hard Rock determines there is a 45% chance the airport will be built at X (hence, a 55% chance it will be built at Y).
a) Set up the decision table.
b) What should Hard Rock decide to do to maximize total netprofit?

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