Question: The City of Lawton Oklahoma uses the Crawford Performeter as

The City of Lawton, Oklahoma, uses the Crawford Performeter® as a financial analysis tool. Results of the analysis are made available to the public. Performance measures from the City of Lawton’s 2009 Performeter® Analysis are provided in the following table.

a. Using Illustration 10–7 in this chapter, assign a rating to each of the 2009 performance measures (from 1 = lowest or worst to 10 = highest or best). Once a rating has been assigned to each measure, calculate the financial position score, financial performance score, and financial capability score (similar to what is shown in Illustration 10–7). Also, compute the overall score for Lawton.
b. Based on your calculations, discuss whether you believe Lawton’s overall financial performance in 2009 was weak or strong (keep in mind that a 5 is considered acceptable performance). Your discussion should include how the three components are contributing to Lawton’s overall financial performance.
c. Using the calculations provided, discuss 2009 Lawton’s performance relative to its 2008performance.

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