Question: The City on the Lake Convention Center was constructed at

The City on the Lake Convention Center was constructed at a cost of $250 million with the aim of attracting visitors to the area. Taxpayers were assured that the convention center would be self-supporting: that convention center revenue would be sufficient to cover all expenses, including debt service. Yet in its first five years of operation the center consistently reported operating deficits.
In a recent report to the city council, the convention center manager attributed the deficits to the center's inability to attract sufficient conventions and other events.
Whereas convention planners had projected that the center would have events scheduled for at least 250 days during the year, it had so far averaged only 180 days-far fewer than the break-even point.
As the city auditor, you have been requested by the city council to conduct a performance audit to learn why the center has been unable to attract the projected number of conventions and other events and to make recommendations for appropriate changes so that the projections can be met.
Required Propose, in general terms, an approach to fulfilling the mandate of the city council.

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