Question: The city parks commission has decided to redevelop a community

The city parks commission has decided to redevelop a community park. Some members of the commission feel that refurbishment of existing park facilities is sufficient to meet the needs of the community; therefore, they advocate minimal redevelopment. Other members feel that such a small-scale project is pointless. They contend that improvement of the park will create greater public satisfaction with the park and thus will draw many more people than currently use it. An increase in patrons could exhaust existing facilities, thus necessitating further redevelopment. To resolve this disagreement, the commission hires the consulting firm Dunewright and Associates to conduct a random sample survey of 1,000 adults living in the community. Among the questions asked are these: Do you regularly use the park? Do you consider park facilities satisfactory or unsatisfactory? Dunewright and Associates present the accompanying table to the city parks commission. Based on the table calculate gamma. What percent of the citizens use the park? What percent of the citizens are satisfied with the park? Based on the cross- tabulation of these questions presented in the accompanying table, should the city spend a lot of money to refurbish the park?

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