The College of Dentistry at the University of Florida has made a commitment to develop its entire curriculum around the use of self-paced instructional materials such as videotapes, slide tapes, and syllabi. It is hoped that each student will proceed at a pace commensurate with his or her ability and that the instructional staff will have more free time for personal consultation in student–faculty interaction. One such instructional module was developed and tested on the first 50 students proceeding through the curriculum. The following measurements represent the number of hours it took these students to complete the required modular material.
a. Calculate the mode, the median, and the mean for these recorded completion times.
b. Guess the value of s.
c. Compute s by using the shortcut formula and compare your answer to that of part (b).
d. Would you expect the Empirical Rule to describe adequately the variability of these data? Explain.

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