Question: The comparative financial statements of Tec Solutions Inc are as

The comparative financial statements of Tec Solutions Inc. are as follows. The market price of Tec Solutions Inc. common stock was $89.75 on December 31, 2012.

Determine the following measures for 2012, rounding to one decimal place:
1. Working capital
2. Current ratio
3. Quick ratio
4. Accounts receivable turnover
5. Number of days’ sales in receivables
6. Inventory turnover
7. Number of days’ sales in inventory
8. Ratio of fixed assets to long-term liabilities
9. Ratio of liabilities to stockholders’ equity
10. Number of times interest charges earned
11. Number of times preferred dividends earned
12. Ratio of net sales to assets
13. Rate earned on total assets
14. Rate earned on stockholders’ equity
15. Rate earned on common stockholders’ equity
16. Earnings per share on common stock
17. Price-earnings ratio
18. Dividends per share of common stock
19. Dividendyield

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