Question: The conducting rod ab shown in Fig 29 38 makes contact

The conducting rod ab shown in Fig. 29.38 makes contact with metal rails ca and db. The apparatus is in a uniform magnetic field of 0.800 T, perpendicular to the plane of the figure
(a) Find the magnitude of the emf induced in the rod when it is moving toward the right with a speed 7.50 m/s.
(b) In what direction does the current flow in the rod?
(c) lf the resistance of the circuit abdc is 1.500 (assumed to be constant), find the force (magnitude and direction) required to keep the rod moving to the right with a constant speed of 7.50 m/s. You can ignore friction.
(d) Compare the rate at which mechanical work is done by the force (Fv) with the rate at which thermal energy is developed in the circuit (I2R).

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