The convict surgeonfish is a common tropical reef fish that has been found to delay metamorphosis into adult by extending its larval phase. This delay often leads to enhanced survivorship in the species by increasing the chances of finding suitable habitat. In the paper "Delayed Metamorphosis of a Tropical Reef Fish (Acanthurus triostegus): A Field Experiment" (Marine Ecology Progress Series, Vol. 176, pp. 25-38), M. McCormick published data that he obtained on the larval duration, in days, of 90 convict surgeonfish. The data are contained on the WeissStats CD.
a. Import the data into the technology of your choice.
b. Use the technology of your choice to obtain a normal probability plot, boxplot, and histogram of the data.
c. Is it reasonable to apply the t-interval procedure to the data? Explain your answer.
d. If you answered "yes" to part (c), obtain a 99% confidence interval for the mean larval duration of convict surgeonfish.

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