The cost of workplace injuries is high for the individual
The cost of workplace injuries is high for the individual worker, for the company, and for society. It is in everyone’s interest to rehabilitate the injured worker as quickly as possible. A statistician working for an insurance company has investigated the problem. He believes that physical condition is a major determinant in how quickly a worker returns to his or her job after sustaining an injury. To help determine whether he is on the right track, he organized an experiment. He took a random sample of male and female workers who were injured during the preceding year. He recorded their gender, their physical condition, and the number of working days until they returned to their job. These data were recorded in the following way. Columns 1 and 2 store the number of working days until return to work for men and women, respectively. In each column, the first 25 observations relate to those who are physically fit, the next 25 rows relate to individuals who are moderately fit, and the last 25 observations are for those who are in poor physical shape. Can we infer that the six groups differ?
If differences exist, determine whether the differences result from gender, physical fitness, or some combination of gender and physical fitness.

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