The data for shell thickness and concentration of PCBs for 60 Anacapa pelican eggs from Exercise 4.70 are on the WeissStats CD.
In exercise Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), industrial pollutants, are known to be a great danger to natural ecosystems. In a study by R. W. Risebrough titled "Effects of Environmental Pollutants Upon Animals Other Than Man" (Proceedings of the 6th Berkeley Symposium on Mathematics and Statistics, VI, University of California Press, pp. 443-463), 60 Anacapa pelican eggs were collected and measured for their shell thickness, in millimeters (mm), and concentration of PCBs, in parts per million (ppm). The data are on the WeissStats CD.
a. Decide whether finding a regression line for the data is reasonable. If so, then also do parts (b)–(d).
b. Obtain the coefficient of determination.

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