Question: The data in the table are from a General Social

The data in the table are from a General Social Survey and concern gender and political party.
a. Find the expected counts and report the smallest. Could we use the table as is, without combining categories?
b. Create a new table, using the data from the table shown, with fewer categories. Merge the Strong Democrat and the Not Strong Democrat categories into one group called Democrats. Merge the Strong Republican and the Not Strong Republican categories into one group called Republicans. Put all the Independent categories and the other category into one group called Other.
c. What percentage of the women and what percentage of the men are Democrats? Compare these percentages.
d. Assume that conditions are met, and do a chi-square test with a significance level of 0.05 to see whether the variables Gender and Political Party are associated using your new grouping.
Political Party Affiliation x Respondent's Sex Cross Tabulation Count

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