Question: The data in the table come from a General Social

The data in the table come from a General Social Survey. The top row is the number of children reported for the respondents. The respondents also reported their level of happiness; Very H means Very Happy, and so on. The counts are shown in the table. Is happiness associated with having at least one child?
General Happiness x Number of Children Cross Tabulation Count
a. Merge all the Number of Children categories into two groups: those who have 0 children and those who have at least 1 child. For the rows, merge the Very Happy and Pretty Happy into one group called Happy.
Rename the Not Too Happy group Not Happy. Report the new table, which should have two rows and two columns.
b. We wish to test whether happiness is associated with having children. Why was it necessary to merge categories?
c. With the merged data, determine whether there is an association between happiness and whether a person has at least one child. Use a significance level of 0.05.

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