The data summarized in Table 21 6 from a study by
The data summarized in Table 21.6 (from a study by Goodwin et al., 1973) show how “becoming a heavy smoker” is related to “having a biological parent who was diagnosed alcoholic.” Either enter these data into SPSS by hand or use the dataset Goodwin.sav (available on the Web site for the textbook). Run a binary logistic regression to predict smoking status from parental alcohol diagnosis and write up your results, including tables that summarize all relevant information. In simple language, Do people whose biological parent is diagnosed as alcoholic have significantly higher odds of being heavy smokers?
Table 21.6
Diagnosis of Parental Alcoholism as Predictor of Heavy Smoking
SPSS output, using the “First” group (that is, parents not diagnosed as alcoholic) as the reference group on the categorical predictor variable “Family History of Alcoholism).
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