The decline in union membership among American workers has been fairly steady for a number of years. In 2010, union membership was reported to be 11.9% (source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics). In a current study involving a random sample of 1500 workers nationwide, 146 of the workers in the sample are union members. Use this sample result to test the following hypotheses: H0: π > .119 (The current proportion of union members is greater than or equal to the 2010 proportion) Ha: π < .119 (The current proportion of union members is less than the 2010 proportion) Use a significance level of 1%. As you conduct the test,
a. Compute the test statistic, z stat, and determine the critical value z c for the test. Report your conclusion.
b. Compute the pvalue for the sample result and use it to decide whether to reject the null hypothesis.

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