Question: The dimensions of a room are 4 20 m X 3 00 m X 2 50 m

The dimensions of a room are 4.20 m X 3.00 m X 2.50 m.
(a) Find the number of molecules of air in the room at atmospheric pressure and 20.0°C. (b) Find the mass of this air, assuming that the air consists of diatomic molecules with molar mass 28.9 g/mol.
(c) Find the average kinetic energy of one molecule.
(d) Find the root-mean-square molecular speed.
(e) On the assumption that the molar specific heat is a constant independent of temperature, we have Eint = 5nRT/2. Find the internal energy in the air.
(f) What If? Find the internal energy of the air in the room at 25.0°C.

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