The director of exhibits at the Grosse Out Pointe Institute of Modern and Trashy Art wants to know what drives monthly attendance figures. She believes that the number of new exhibits each month (EXHIBITS) is an important variable be-cause the public has a large appetite for new and innovative trashy art. For the second independent variable, the director decides to study the impact of the sea-son on attendance, reasoning that in cold-weather months, residents are more likely to attend the museum because there are fewer outdoor and recreational options available. The director creates a dummy variable (SEASON), coded 1 if the month is a cold-weather month (November through March) and 0 if not. The director uses SPSS to generate the following regression, where monthly attendance is the dependent variable.
(a) Interpret the intercept, slopes, and R2.
(b) Interpret the adjusted R2 value. What is probably the reason why the adjusted R2 is somewhat lower than R2?

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