Question: The Dynaco Company manufactures a product in five stages Each

The Dynaco Company manufactures a product in five stages. Each stage of the manufacturing process is conducted at a different plant. The following network shows the five different stages and the routes over which the partially completed products are shipped to the various plants at the different stages:

Stage 5 (at node 10) is the distribution center in which final products are stored. Although each node represents a different plant, plants at the same stage perform the same operation. (For example, at stage 2 of the manufacturing process, plants 2, 3, and 4 all perform the same manufacturing operation.) The values accompanying the branches emanating from each node indicate the maximum number of units (in thousands) that a particular plant can produce and ship to another plant at the next stage. (For example, plant 3 has the capacity to process and ship 7,000 units of the product to plant 5.) Determine the maximum number of units that can be processed through the five-stage manufacturing process and the number of units processed at eachplant.
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