Question: The Ebert Corporation has outstanding 550 000 shares of 9 preferred

The Ebert Corporation has outstanding 550,000 shares of 9% preferred stock with a $100 par value and has issued 12 million shares of $1 par value common stock. The current market price of the common stock is $30 per share, and the latest annual dividend is $2.00 per common share. Common treasury stock consists of 500,000 shares costing $9 million. The company has $150 million of additional paid-in capital, $20 million of retained earnings, and $12 million of investments in affiliated companies at the end of the year. Net income for the current year is $25 million.
Compute the following:
1. Total stockholders’ equity
2. Common stock P-E ratio
3. Common stock dividend-yield percentage
4. Common stock dividend-payout percentage
5. Book value per share of common stock

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