Question: THE ECONOMIC DIMENSION What should Jean do next appeal the

What should Jean do next— appeal the court’s decision, settle with BHP for the amount of the judgment, or go through the foreclosure process? Explain.
The Legal Environment Dimension
When no actual contract exist, under what theory may a court step in to prevent a property owner from being unjustly enriched by the services of contractor?

Jean Seymour lives in Barkhamsted, Connecticut. She owns a house, a horse barn, and eighteen to nineteen acres of pastureland in Enfield. Jean’s daughter Jennifer lives on the Enfield property, which she calls the RoundTuit Ranch, where she boards, trains, and sells horses. Jean pays the property tax and the mortgage but does not participate in the RoundTuit business. Jennifer does not pay rent, but pays the costs of the business, including snow plowing and house repairs.

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