Question: The equilibrium constant is 0 0900 at 25oC for the reaction H2O g

The equilibrium constant is 0.0900 at 25oC for the reaction
H2O(g) + Cl2O(g) ⇌ 2HOCl(g)
For which of the following sets of conditions is the system at equilibrium? For those which are not at equilibrium, in which direction will the system shift?
a. A 1.0- L flask contains 1.0 mole of HOCl, 0.10 mole of Cl2O, and 0.10 mole of H2O.
b. A 2.0- L flask contains 0.084 mole of HOCl, 0.080 mole of Cl2O, and 0.98 mole of H2O.
c. A 3.0- L flask contains 0.25 mole of HOCl, 0.0010 mole of Cl2O, and 0.56 mole of H2O.

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