The Ethical Dimension In what ways was Rosol s apparent motive
The Ethical Dimension
In what ways was Rosol’s apparent motive similar to the most common reason that ethical problems occur in business?
The Legal Environment Dimension
How do the rules concerning liability on a forged drawer’s signature apply to the circumstances in this case? Explain.

Rosol, a resident of New Jersey, received an e- mail message from someone he did not know, offering to pay a 10 percent fee if he would receive checks, deposit them, and transfer the funds to others. Rosol opened a new account at Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union (PSFCU) and deposited a cashier’s check for $ 9,800 issued by a credit union in Florida. Three days later, he deposited a check for $ 45,000 drawn on a Canadian bank. Within a week, PSFCU told him that payment on the first check had been “stopped” but did not disclose that the check was fraudulent. PSFCU issued a provisional credit to Rosol’s account for the amount of the Canadian check.

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