The Fairwinds Development Corporation is considering taking part in one
The Fairwinds Development Corporation is considering taking part in one or more of three different development projects— A, B, and C—that are about to be launched. Each project requires a significant investment over the next few years, and then would be sold upon completion. The projected cash flows (in millions of dollars) associated with each project are shown in the table below.
Fairwinds has $10 million available now and expects to receive $6 million from other projects by the end of each year (1 through 6) that would be available for the ongoing investments the following year in projects A, B, and C. By acting now, the company may participate in each project either fully, fractionally (with other development partners), or not at all. If Fairwinds participates at less than 100 percent, then all the cash flows associated with that project are reduced proportionally. Company policy requires ending each year with a cash balance of at least $1 million. Your assignment is to formulate a spreadsheet model to analyze the problem.
(a) Visualize where you want to finish. What numbers are needed? What are the decisions that need to be made? What should the objective be?
(b) Suppose that Fairwinds were to participate in Project A fully and in Project C at 50 percent. Calculate by hand what the ending cash position would be after year 1 and year 2.
(c) Make a rough sketch of a spreadsheet model, with blocks laid out for the data cells, changing cells, output cells, and objective cell.
(d) Build a spreadsheet model for years 1 and 2, and then thoroughly test the model
(e) Expand the model to full scale, and then solve it.
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