Question: The fatality rate on the nation s highways in 2007 was

The fatality rate on the nation’s highways in 2007 was the lowest since 1994, but these numbers are still mind-boggling. The number of persons killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes, by state including the District of Columbia, in 2007 is listed here.
a. Draw a dotplot of fatality data.
b. Draw a stem-and-leaf display of these data. Describe how the three large-valued data are handled.
c. Find the 5-number summary and draw a box-and whiskers display.
d. Find P10 and P90.
e. Describe the distribution of the number of fatalities per state, being sure to include information learned in parts a through d.
f. Why might it be unfair to draw conclusions about the relative safety level of highways in the 51 states based on these data?

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