The file MutualFunds contains a data set with information for 45 mutual funds that are part of the Morningstar Funds 500. The data set includes the following five variables: Fund type: The type of fund, labeled DE (Domestic Equity), IE (International Equity), and FI (Fixed Income) net asset Value ($): The closing price per share
Five-Year average return (%): The average annual return for the fund over the past five years expense ratio (%): The percentage of assets deducted each fiscal year for fund expenses
Morningstar rank: The risk adjusted star rating for each fund; Morningstar ranks go from a low of 1 Star to a high of 5 Stars.
a. Prepare a PivotTable that gives the frequency count of the data by Fund Type (rows) and the five-year average annual return (columns). Use classes of 0–9.99, 10–19.99,
20–29.99, 30–39.99, 40–49.99, and 50–59.99 for the Five-Year Average Return (%).
b. What conclusions can you draw about the fund type and the average return over the past five years?

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