The file P08_77.xlsx contains data on 856 customers who have either tried or not tried a company’s new frozen lasagna dinner. The manager of the company would like to compare the proportion of customers who have tried the lasagna across various subpopulations. For each of the following, find a 95% confidence interval for the difference between the proportions who have tried the lasagna for the two specified subpopulations. Explain briefly how the results help the manager to understand his customers.
a. Those with weight under 190 versus those with weight at least 190
b. Females versus males
c. Those who live alone versus those who do not live alone
d. Those who live in a home or condo versus those who live in an apartment
e. Those who live in the South or West versus those who live in the East
f. Those who average five or more trips to the mall per month versus those who average fewer than five trips to the mall per month.

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