Question: The file P09 51 xlsx contains data on 1000 randomly selected Walmart

The file P09_51.xlsx contains data on 1000 randomly selected Walmart customers. The data set includes demographic variables for each customer as well as their salaries and the amounts they have spent at Walmart during the past year.
a. A lookup table in the file suggests a way to categorize the salaries. Use this categorization and chi square tests of independence to see whether Salary is independent of
(1) Age,
(2) Gender,
(3) Home, or
(4) Married.
Discuss any types of dependence you find.
b. Repeat part a, replacing Salary with Amount Spent. First you must categorize Amount Spent.
Create four categories for Amount Spent based on the four quartiles. The first category is all values of Amount Spent below the first quartile of Amount Spent, the second category is between the first quartile and the median, and so on.

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