Question: The file S02 03 xlsx contains data from a survey of 399

The file S02_03.xlsx contains data from a survey of 399 people regarding a government environmental policy.
a. Which of the variables in this data set are categorical? Which of these are nominal; which are ordinal?
b. For each categorical variable, create a column chart of counts.
c. Recode the data into a new data set, making four transformations:
(1) Change Gender to list “Male” or “Female”;
(2) Change Children to list “No children” or “At least one child”;
(3) Change Salary to be categorical with categories “Less than $40K,” “Between $40K and $70K,” “Between $70K and $100K,” and “Greater than $100K” and
(4) Change Opinion to be a numerical code from 1 to 5 for Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. Then create a column chart of counts for the new Salary variable.

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