Question: The file S02 18 xlsx contains daily values of the S P Index

The file S02_18.xlsx contains daily values of the S&P Index from 1970 to 2009. It also contains percentage changes in the index from each day to the next. Create a pivot table with average of % Change in the Values area and Date in the Row area. You will see every single date, with no real averaging taking place. This problem lets you explore how you can group naturally on a date variable. For each part below, explain the result briefly.
a. Group by Month.
b. Group by Year.
c. Group by Month and Year (select both in the Group dialog box). Can you make it show the year averages from part b?
d. Group by Quarter.
e. Group by Month and Quarter. Can you make it show the averages from part c?
f. Group by Quarter and Year.
g. Group by Month, Quarter, and Year.

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