Question: The file S02 35 xlsx contains fictional data from a survey of

The file S02_35.xlsx contains (fictional) data from a survey of 500 randomly selected households.
a. Indicate the type of data for each of the variables included in the survey.
b. For each of the categorical variables in the survey, indicate whether the variable is nominal or ordinal. Explain your reasoning in each case.
c. Create a histogram for each of the numerical variables in this data set. Indicate whether each of these distributions is approximately symmetric or skewed. Which, if any, of these distributions are skewed to the right? Which, if any, are skewed to the left?
d. Find the maximum and minimum debt levels for the households in this sample.
e. Find the indebtedness levels at each of the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles.
f. Find and interpret the inter-quartile range for the indebtedness levels of these selected households.

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