Question: The file S02 54 xlsx contains daily values of an EPA air

The file S02_54.xlsx contains daily values of an EPA air quality index in Washington DC and Los Angeles from January 1980 through April 2009. For some unknown reason, the source provides slightly different dates for the two cities.
a. Starting in column G, create three new columns: Date, Wash DC Index, and LA Index. Fill the new date column with all dates from 1/1/1980 to 4/30/2009. Then use lookup functions to fill in the two new index columns, entering the observed index if available or a blank otherwise.
b. Create a separate time series graph of each new index column. Because there are so many dates, it is difficult to see how the graph deals with missing data, but see if you can determine this. In spite of the few missing points, explain the patterns in the graphs and how Washington DC compares to Los Angeles.

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