Question: The file S03 22 xlsx lists financial data on movies released since

The file S03_22.xlsx lists financial data on movies released since 1980 with budgets at least $20 million.
a. Reduce the size of this data set by deleting all movies with a budget of more than $100 million. Also, delete all movies where US Gross and/or Worldwide Gross is listed as Unknown.
b. For the remaining movies, create a table of correlations between the variables Budget, US Gross, and Worldwide Gross. Comment on the results. Are there any surprises?
c. For the movies remaining after part a, create a scatter plot of Worldwide Gross (Y axis) versus US Gross and another scatter plot of US Gross (Y axis) versus Budget. Briefly explain any patterns you see in these scatter plots. Do they seem to be consistent with the corresponding correlations?

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