The file S03 22 xlsx lists financial data on movies released since
The file S03_22.xlsx lists financial data on movies released since 1980 with budgets at least $20 million.
a. Create three new variables, Ratio1, Ratio2, and Decade. Ratio1 should be US Gross divided by Budget, Ratio2 should be Worldwide Gross divided by Budget, and Decade should list 1980s, 1990s, or 2000s, depending on the year of the release date. If either US Gross or Worldwide Gross is listed as “Unknown,” the corresponding ratio should be blank.
b. Use a pivot table to find counts of movies by various distributors. Then go back to the data and create one more column, Distributor New, which lists the distributor for distributors with at least 30 movies and lists Other for the rest.
c. Create a pivot table and corresponding pivot chart that shows average and standard deviation of Ratio1, broken down by Distributor New, with a report filter for Decade. Comment on any striking results.
d. Repeat part c for Ratio2.

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