The file S03 50 xlsx lists NBA salaries for five seasons a
The file S03_50.xlsx lists NBA salaries for five seasons.
a. Merge all of the data into a single new sheet called All Data. In this new sheet, add a new column Season that lists the season, such as 2006–2007.
b. Note that many of the players list a position such as C-F or F-C. Presumably, the first means the player is primarily a center but sometimes plays forward, whereas the second means the opposite. Recode these so that only the primary position remains To complicate matters further, the source lists positions differently in 2007–2008 than in other years. It lists PG and SG (point guard and shooting guard) instead of just G, and it lists SF and PF instead of just F. Recode the positions for this season to be consistent with the other seasons
c. Note that many players have (p) or (t) in their Contract Thru value. The Source sheet explains this. Create two new columns in the All Data sheet, Years Remaining and Option. The Years Remaining column should list the years remaining in the contract. For example, if the season is
2004–2005 and the contract is through 2006–2007, years remaining should be 2. The Option column should list Player if there is a (p), Team if there is a (t), and blank if neither.
d. Use a pivot table to find the average Salary by Season. Change it to show average Salary by Team. Change it to show average Salary by Season and Team. Change it to show average Salary by Primary Position. Change it to show average Salary by Team and Primary Position, with filters for Season, Contract Years, Years Remaining, and Option. Comment on any striking findings.

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