Question: The file S03 54 xlsx lists data for 539 movies released in

The file S03_54.xlsx lists data for 539 movies released in 2009. Obviously, some movies are simply more popular than others, but success in 2009, measured by 2009 gross or 2009 tickets sold, could also be influenced by the release date. To check this, create a new variable, Days Out, which is the number of days the movie was out during 2009. For example, a movie released on 12/15 would have Days Out equal to 17 (which includes the release day). Create two scatter plots and corresponding correlations, one of 2009 Gross (Y axis) versus Days Out and one of 2009 Tickets Sold (Y axis) versus Days Out. Describe the behavior you see. Do you think a movie’s success can be predicted very well just by knowing how many days it has been out?

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