Question: The file S03 63 xlsx contains financial data on 85 U S companies

The file S03_63.xlsx contains financial data on 85 U.S. companies in the Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing sector (NAICS code 334) with 2009 earnings before taxes of at least $10,000. Each of these companies listed R&D (research and development) expenses on its income statement. Create a table of correlations between all of the variables and use conditional formatting to color green all correlations involving R&D that are strongly positive or negative. Then create scatter plots of R&D (Y axis) versus each of the other most highly correlated variables. Comment on any patterns you see in these scatter plots, including any obvious outliers, and explain why (or if) it makes sense that these variables are highly correlated with R&D. If there are highly correlated variables with R&D, can you tell which way the causality goes?

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