Question: The file S03 66 xlsx lists a lot of data for each

The file S03_66.xlsx lists a lot of data for each NFL team for the years 2004 to 2009. The variables are divided into groups:
(1) Overall success,
(2) Team Offense,
(3) Passing Offense,
(4) Rushing Offense,
(5) Turnovers Against,
(6) Punt Returns,
(7) Kick Returns,
(8) Field Goals,
(9) Punts,
(10) Team Defense,
(11) Passing Defense,
(12) Rushing Defense, and
(13) Turnovers Caused. The basic question all football fans (and coaches) ponder is what causes success or failure.
Answer the same questions as in the previous problem for this football data, but use all of the variables in groups (2) to (13) as possible predictors.

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